The EUROMENA Dialogue is a scientific event in the field of public administration, especially targeting the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean see, and the Middle-East; PhD Students, scholars and professionals; Arabic, Italian, French and English linguistic groups. It aims at bringing together diverse public bodies, scholars and practitioners, research institutions and private corporations to participate and network for the benefits of knowledge exchange, and sharing lessons from practices across and between European and MENA/Arab countries, as well as to reach a better understanding of the histories of both regions as they relate to public administration. The EUROMENA Dialogue is the continuation of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogues of Public Management, MED, that have been held from 2008 to 2014; it is currently organized every two years.

Past editions of the MED/EUROMENA Conference have been hosted in the cities listed below, around the following themes:

• 2008 – Aix-en-Provence (France), "Reforms in the Public Sector";
• 2009 – Portoroz-Piran (Slovenia), "Local Public Services and Territorial Development";
• 2010 – Tunis (Tunisia), "Sustainable Development and Public Action";
• 2011 – Rabat (Morocco), "Culture and Territorial Development";
• 2012 – Amman (Jordan), "Education and Training: Policy and Public Management Challenges for Skills Development";
• 2013 – Marseille (France), "Cultures for Change, Changes through Culture";
• 2014 – Rome (Italy), "Societal Government and Sustainable Public Management: Challenges for the Euro-MENA area";
• 2016 – Muscat (Oman), "Modernisation of Human Resource Management and Performance of Public Organisations";
• 2018 – Granada (Spain), "New Trends in City Management and Governance and Public Administration Paradigms, Conceptions and Approaches in Euro-MENA zone".